Aux 88

Electro Boogie 3

Format: CD
Release Date World: Sunday 08th November 1998

After the previous three releases in the "Electro Boogie" series were exclusively manned by European producers (incl. Dave Clarke and Depth Charge), the series now strides into a new epoch with this forthcoming attraction. One of the cities where this sound has pulled weight for years and has been unceasingly advanced and newly defined is the Techno City of Detroit. Even the first generation of musicians from this city, such as Derrick May and Juan Atkins, have a deep-rootedness in its sound, and Electro has always been one of the main pillars of the Detroit Sound. The Detroit group AUX 88 resides in the more progressive quarters of the International Electro Circuit (even if the Sound of the Motor City has been defined using the term Techno Bass for years). AUX 88 was formed in 1993 by Tom Hamilton and Keith Tucker (succeeded in the meantime by BJ) and scored huge Electro Club Hits with their Maxi CD releases, such as "My AUX mind" and "I need to freak", that appeared on their own label Direct Beat (managed in conjunction with Lawrence Burden). The long players that followed, "Is it man or machine" and "Xeo-Genetic", as well as their unbelievable live shows, enabled them to expand their fan base, and musicians such as Andrew Weatherall and Kraftwerk number among those who profess to be fans of AUX 88’s bass driven Electro Sounds, in which their deep affection for traditional European Electro Sounds √° la Kraftwerk, the early Detroit Techno phase including Model 500 and the Miami Bass of Luke Skywalker is persistently heard.
On their "Electro Boogie" set, AUX 88 feature the entire Detroit Techno Bass faction, including DJ K1, Microknox, Underground Resistance, Drexciya, DJ Assault and Dopplereffekt, alongside their own tracks. This musical statement from Detroit, the likes of which has to date yet to be seen, and its status as the only official Techno Bass compilation ever, make the forthcoming "Electro Boogie" an outstanding addition to the series so far. Automatic activity!!