Benjamin Diamond

Lets Get High

Format: Download
Release Date World: Monday 07th March 2005

Surprise! Benjamin Diamond, whose refined voice once graced Stardust’s worldwide hit "Music Sounds Better With You", proves that with this amazing song from his forthcoming second album "Out Of Myself", the music in 2005 will actually, definitely sound better. With him.
"Let’s Get High" is an instant classic, not just a dance classic but a pop song that in its ingenious nonchalant catchiness could be, or rather MUST be, THE summer hit of 2005. At least for everyone who has a heart and if not, then that also is no tragedy at all as Benjamin has a whole bunch of gems shining on his debut album for !K7. It has been a long time since the old album dictum "all killers no fillers" has been so impressively fulfilled as Benjamin Diamond does with this record.
Think Air, think Phoenix, think Franz Ferdinand and think Pixies, forget all of this again and then it’s best if you don’t think at all, just feel instead – the intelligent emotion, the euphoric warmth, the powerful, radiant music! Is it the pop event of this year? Yes. Is it a catchy tune? Yes. Is it a track that you can’t get out of your head? Yes. Is it the forerunner of a fantastic future classic album? Yes. Merci, Monsieur Diamond, the music does indeed sound better with you.
For the remixes, nobody but kindred spirits are responsible: Alan Braxe, French House-Maestro and architect of the splendid 12" series on Roul√© who, with his beat focussed, straight version, works up the potential of the composition. Then there’s Cologne’s hero of Minimal Techno, The Modernist aka J√∂rg Burger, who’s very thrifty mix adds a rather hypnotic feel to the original.
"Let’s Get High" is the first fixed star from Benjamin Diamond’s spectacular glistening pop music galaxy of ideas. A star that will guide you throughout this year.