Beth Hirsch

Early Days

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 29th May 2000

You know the voice – now discover the artist"
Singer/songwriter BETH HIRSCH, born and raised in Tampa (Florida), is to date only known to a few people, although her songs and her voice have already fired the enthusiasm of millions of listeners. This should soon change with the release of her debut album "Early Days", with which BETH HIRSCH will also make an international name for herself as a solo artist. But let’s start at the beginning.
BETH HIRSCH arrives in the world in 1967, in Tampa / Florida and spends her childhood and a large part of her youth there where she already begins acting and then moves to the Boston school for the arts to train in theatre. While on a study tour to Paris in 1992 she falls in love with the city and shortly afterwards she moves there permanently to work with British theatre groups. While attending jam sessions amongst some bohemian friends, she is encouraged to sing along and subsequently continually asked to sing at their parties. Shortly after she meets Marc Collin who along with the label Artefact propose to produce her first ep "Miner’s Son", about which the magazine Blues & Soul wrote: "A gorgeous folky ballad – she’s a diamond!" and other magazines contribute to the enthusiasm. Nicolas Godin of AIR hears her work and along with Jean Benoit Dunkel invite her to participate on their album "Moon Safari". Co-writing and singing the tunes "All I Need" and "You Make It Easy" BETH HIRSCH then accompanies the band in some major cities in US and Europe. For quite a number of people, the songs and the voice of BETH HIRSCH number among the real highlights of "Moon Safari".
At the beginning of 1999, she moves to London and starts working on her debut album and the songs that appear as the "P-Town Rubies" EP on the English label Dorado. Once again, the critics are overwhelmed. From "gorgeous" (Face) to "terrific" (Flipside), it’s all there and a subsequent UK tour with Terry Callier allows the fan base to grow. Parallel to that, her collaboration with Wasis Diop ends up on the soundtrack of the American top 5 movie hit, "The Thomas Crown Affair", and a reworking of the D’Note classic, "D*Votion", clears up in the international clubs. The record companies, of course, are not blind to this and soon a mighty free-for-all for BETH HIRSCH begins.
In collaboration with Phil Hudson (Lighthouse Family) and Paul Simm (Neneh Cherry), the "fully acoustic" album "Early Days" emerges, which BETH HIRSCH describes as a "very home grown affair" and brings her impressive singer/songwriter qualities more to the fore. She often refers to her love of Joni Mitchell and the Stylistics in interviews, but she doesn’t want to be considered a purely acoustic musician, however, and definitely wants to work on a fusion of acoustic songs and electronic sounds/beats again in the future. In the meantime, she is living in Tampa again – but is planning a move to New York. STUD!O K7 is delighted with this new signing and we can all look forward to what this extraordinary talent will rain down upon us !!