Beth Hirsch

Nest Sensation

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 01st October 2001

Currently there are not many other producers such as Matthew Herbert, who rework great songs with great voices into great remixes. Like, "Nest Sensation", Beth Hirsch’s first single release from her new album "Titles & Idols". With his "Magpie Vocal" and "Chuckoo Instrumental" versions, Herbert reshaped the dreamy Folk tune, orginally produced by The Black Dog, into a noisy, minimalist stomper that breathes heavy soul. Herbert produced two fantastic mixes that celebrate Beth Hirsch’s outstanding voice in an individual way.
London’s Ian Simmonds, cinemascope-sound-maestro, mesmerizes with his "Vox Repro"-mixes with a darker, more atmospheric jazz-edge.
Altogether, a fanastic mix package. And some proper re-interpretations of a classic tune.