Beth Hirsch

Titles & Idols

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 15th October 2001

The human voice is the oldest, the most simple, yet most powerful musical stylus. Despite all technological progress in the synthetic creation of music in recent decades, there is no sound that is more personal and individual than the voice of a human.
The voice of Beth Hirsch undoubtedly is today one of the most characteristic voices whatsoever. The moment one hears her crystal clear, perfectly pitched singing, one is mesmerized. And instantly the sound is associated with big musical moments: "Miner’s Son", her debut single in cooperation with Marc Collin, and of course "All I Need" and "You make It Easy", which Beth Hirsch co-wrote with Air and that characterised the french’s band debut album "Moon Safari".
Singing back to basics, while only being accompanied by an acoustic guitar, Beth showed her outstanding talent on her very own debut album "Early Days", that was released in spring 2000 on !K7. To international critical acclaim, Beth Hirsch was hailed as a new Folk- and Soul-Sensation. Parallels were drawn to Joni Mitchell as Beth charmed on "Early Days" with her outstanding voice as well her own written songs.
After her move to Tampa last autumn Beth Hirsch began to work on her second album, "Titles & Idols". She chose to work with three different producers for her album: The Black Dog (Warp Records), Custom Blue (Island Blue Records) and Jackson. Another step forward for Beth. She didn’t want to remain a strictly acoustic performer, but progress to a combination of her voice with electronic sounds and beats. For the more acoustic parts of "Titles & Idols" Beth went into the studio with Custom Blue and Jackson, for the more electronic vibes she cooperated with The Black Dog.
Over the past decade, Black Dog’s mastermind Ken Downie had the privilige to work with a few of the most influential and talented voices worldwide, including collaborations with Bj√∂rk and Ofra Haza alongside remixes for the likes of Blondie, Radiohead and Siouxsie Sioux. In the history of electronic music, the Black Dog’s albums such as "Spanners", "Bytes", and the recent "Music For Adverts" are considered as milestones. The Black Dog are collaborating on four of the tracks on"Titles & Idols". As Ken Downie states "a genuinely rare opportunity for us, there are so few artists recording today that can simply pick up a microphone and sing, without the support of a massive recording studio and a bank of effects units. Beth has the same precise control of her voice that we have with our studio equipment (except that her voice doesn’t break down at the most inconvenient time!). "
Alex Pilkington of Custom Blue (Blue/Island) who also produced some tracks of the album on the work with Beth: "For us, the chance of working with Beth’s songs was really inspiring. We knew she liked our album, and that had quite a large production fell