Boozoo Bajou

Juke Joint II

Format: CD
Release Date World: Tuesday 08th August 2006

After the release of their well-respected, southern US influenced, blues-infected, dub infused album "Dust My Broom" in 2005, Boozoo Bajou return with mix compilation "Juke Joint II". Influenced by the Southern concept of a rural
bluesman hangout, but of course this is Boozoo Bajou from Germany putting their musical tastes "in the mix" and expanding that concept into a place John Lee Hooker never imagined.
The album features two new exclusive tracks from Boozoo Bajou: one is the exclusive "Pflug." The second is the newsingle "Back Up" featuring Oh No, a guest MC from Stones Throw and brother of Madlib.
While the first installment of "Juke Joint" reflected Boozoo Bajou’s preferences of blues and dub, the second edition is all about global varieties of soul and funk. Track by track, Boozoo Bajou connect the past with the present. Their journey begins with a stop in the southern U.S. with their remix of Tony Joe White’s legendary "A Rainy Night In Georgia." After a short trip to the northern states, they travel to Vienna for a downbeat track from Urbs & Cutex. Next, they jet to England for the beat architects Blend Crafters and Mark Rae. The journey continues to Finland and Nicole Willis with her neo-sixties-soul-anthem "Feeling Free". Ethiopia is represented by "Ethiopiques" jazz from Mulatu Astatque, who garnered some attention after appearing on the soundtrack for Jim Jarmusch’s movie "Broken Flowers". Another stop is made in Jamaica with tracks from Dennis Bovell and Light Of Saba, plus a stop in Berlin with Rechenzentrum. All the tracks on this record are held together by a vibe nailing down the meaning of music originating from soul depth, animation, cheerful melancholia, and a laid back atmosphere. Not coincidentally, the music of Boozoo Bajou also encompasses all these sentiments, making "Juke Joint II" a tribute from those two Nuremberg-based producers to all these other soul mate musicians and producers.