Chris de Luca

Deadly Wiz Da Disco

Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 26th August 2002

Chris De Luca & Peabird. This is how it started.
Chris De Luca is the kind of guy that lives for music. In addition to his involvement in the legendary Funkstorung production and remix duo with Michael Fakesch and their uber-experimental Music Aus Strom label, he also owns the Munich-based Delirium record shop. Perhaps that is why he and Dominik Gilbert Marcel AKA Peabird hit it off so well. After a chance meeting at Delirium in 1998, the two hip-hop fanatics became fast friends, spending hours on mad discussions of everything from musical styles to finer points of running a label in the interests of art and commerce. Sitting around drinking Turkish mochas, eating ice cream, and discussing the Game, De Luca and Peabird began to nurture an idea which, four years later, is finally complete.
After becoming friends, Chris and Peabird got down to work. Holidays in Italy devoted to the joint production of a few choice bootlegs showed promising signs. Though Chris was enjoying huge international success with Funkstorung, disappearing for world tours every few months, both he and Peabird realized that their fledgling label, Sellwell Productions would need a proper artist album to really make an impact. And so Deadly Wiz Da Disko was born.
In the beginning, there were lots of good ideas and too little time to try them out. Luckily, by the winter of 2001, the situation finally seemed perfect for the two to kick things off properly and Peabird became a temporary housemate of the De Luca family. In between the joys of hand-made pasta creations courtesy of Chris’s Italian mama, tracks were produced on the spot. If ideas weren’t manifesting spontaneously, Chris and Peabird would take a break and get some Italian food for inspiration. Before long, the duo had exhausted Rosenheim’s Italian restaurants and before long their long-awaited album had taken shape.
Chris and Pea are long time hip-hop fans. If you take a closer look to the album’s title, their passion for rap music and its environment becomes obvious. That’s why they have brought in top-shelf lyricists like Tryflynn, Profidence, and Beans from the mighty AntiPop Consortium to collaborate. Deadly Wiz Da Disko is hip-hop, but with characters like De Luca and Peabird behind the boards, you know that’s not the whole story. More reminiscent of Prefuse 73 than DJ Premier, their debut album takes the cut ‘n’ mix aesthetic of old school hip-hop and mashes it up with the most forward-thinking technologies at their disposal. This is body rock for robots, the soundtrack to intergalactic graffiti battles. If you need a hint, just imagine what would happen if Public
Enemy got stuck in an elevator with Aphex Twin, only to be liberated by Chris and Pea, samplers in hand. Deadly indeed.