Cobblestone Jazz

23 Seconds

Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 15th October 2007

The unique trio Cobblestone Jazz use early computers and analogue instruments to create pared down sounds that retain the quality of improvisational jazz but with a techno dancefloor
aesthetic. Through a real-time exchange of musical form, language, and ideas, the Canadians Tyger Dhula, Mathew Jonson and Danuel Tate provide a continual sense of excitement and discovery for their audience.

All members of Cobblestone Jazz are successful musicians and producers in their own right, and the influence of each individual contributes greatly to the international success of the group. Tyger Dhula’s history as a DJ and producer of electronic music provides the stylistic platform for the group’s improvisations with his ability to break grooves up into their key elements, holding the music firmly within the electronic music tradition. Mathew Jonson brings a fervent commitment to pushing his music in new directions, as well as the gifted ability to mix and compose freely. Using analogue drum machines and synthesizers as his instruments of choice, Mat chooses to write and record his contributions in the moment, as opposed to settling for pre-configured patterns. Danuel Tate is the jazz musician and performer who prompted this approach to the group’s writing practices. His keyboard playing shows a rich understanding of modern harmony and melody, but, like many great artists, his dedication to simplicity is what holds him in such high regard.

Cobblestone have received critical acclaim since their 2002 debut release on underground label ItIsWhatItIs, with support coming from artists in all walks of electronic music