Dani Siciliano

Why Can't I Make You High

Format: Download
Release Date World: Monday 21st August 2006

How to mix the perfect 21st century party cocktail. Take a hyper infectious beat. Stir in a dash of disco, a splash of jazz, some electronica, bluegrass, country
and Hawaiian swing. Shake the whole mixture until it fizzes, twangs and dances a post-modern jitterbug clean across the room. That’s the sound of Dani Siciliano’s new single. "Why Can’t I Make You High" is the first single to be taken from Ms Siciliano’s forthcoming second album "Slappers". Aside from being a true electro/acoustic hybrid, the track features the lovely talents of Ingrid Weiss (double bass, backing vocals) and Kitty Durham (ukulele, guitar, drums, backing vocals) from the super-hot teenage family band Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. You’ll also find junkyard sounds courtesy of Mandy Parnell and Judy Siciliano, the singer’s mother, on teacups, spoons and colanders. Everything but the kitchen sink, in fact, but all the right ingredients for a good old-fashioned knees-up.

Additionally, the single features "Who’s Blues", a sensual sci-fi lullaby which highlights Dani’s softer, more surreal side: "If you could be the princess, then i will be your pea". This exclusive track does not appear on the new album.
Building on the success of her highly acclaimed debut full-length album "Likes" in 2004, and her collaborations with Matthew Herbert, "Slappers" is very much a statement of intent. A masterpiece of swinging syncopation, melodic sophistication and inspired sampling, "Slappers" belongs to that rare vintage of record that fizzes, twangs and sashays in all the right directions.
Just take a few sips of "Why Can’t I Make You High" and you will soon be thirsty for more. Guaranteed.