Dave Clarke

X-MIX 9 - Elektro Boogie

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 11th November 1996

The compilation-series X-MIX of Berlin’s Studio K7 presents probably the most abstract DJ-set in its history. After well received excursions through the international techno and house-culture with the likes of Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Dave Angel or DJ Hell the exceptional British producer DAVE CLARKE succeeds in mixing a breathtaking electro set. Old school classics as well as modern electro-bass tracks from Detroit make "Electro Boogie" the reference guideline for all electro-headz.
Since his "Red"-series, which was released in 1994/95 producer and DJ Dave Clarke, who lives in Bristol (UK) belongs to the most respected artists on the island. Already his first set of the Red trilogy earned him world-wide reputation. His amazing backspin-style found its way to almost all record cases of international DJs. The hype about the release of the successor single "Red Two" was almost hysterical. The placement of this title in several DJ charts months before release date was only consequent. His debut album "Archive One" on British dancemulti DeConstruction belongs to the most sold dance albums of music history and was able to stay in the British charts over months. His remixes for New Order, Chemical Brothers and U2’s "Mission Impossible" made him finally the No.1 of the British techno circuit.
DAVE CLARKE – being a cynic and unconventional person among a uniformed techno crowd of people who prefer to say yes – prefers to take the results of the "Raving Society" not so serious. A fact with which he did not always make friends. This contradiction finds its influence even in Dave’s set. Everybody would actually expect a hard techno set but Dave surprises with a phantastic electro set, full of scratches and back spins. Cult trax of Hashim, LFO, Model 500 and the Imperial Brothers combined with modern Detroit electro bass tunes of Aux 88, Underground Resistance or Detrechno are arranged with retro electro productions of the meanwhile legendary Warp artists Elecktroids and cult act Dopplereffekt. Especially the last ones mentioned were able to generate an electro revival in European clubs together with releases of the British hip label Clear over the last months. With DAVE CLARKE’s "Electric Boogie" electro 1996 will be as contemporary as it was before.
The visual component of the X-MIX project is meeting its global quality expectations as well. 6 computer teams created 12 videos inactively exchanging information with the composers. A true inferno of digital cyberworlds drags the spectator deep into seemingly endless landscapes and universes full of cyborgs and space ships, bizarre mountains and surreal phantasy-creatures. Virtual steel, virtual love, virtual clouds… the pc creates semi-realities in instances, the gods needed ages. The promotional copies of the video will be shipped out later The effects of computer-animated techno videos are examined in cooperation with neurosurgeons of the Benjamin Franklin Medical Center at the Free University Berlin and the computer team Triapolis/Switzerland. For detailed informations see the enclosed press release of the FU Berlin.