Depth Charge

Electro Boogie 1

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 29th March 1999

After the resounding success and sharpness that Dave Clarke’s first two ELECTRO BOOGIE releases contributed to the revival of Electro, STUDIO K7 has succeeded, not without undue efforts, in bringing the latest Electro mix CD to fruition with none other than legendary producer Jonathan Saul Kane (DEPTH CHARGE). The great renaissance of Electro in the last few years and its established popularity in the current dance circuit will not have escaped attentive music followers. With the release of the new ELECTRO BOOGIE the hoards of Electro fans are set to rise dramatically.
Almost ten years on after his first release, Jonathan Saul Kane, aka DEPTH CHARGE, is still one of the most extraordinary figures of the underground scene in London, and as anyone who knows how long a decade really is in the world’s swiftest moving industry will ascertain, those who survive it are made of pretty tough leather. In the UK of1989, at a time when beat heads where moving away from hip hop that concentrated more on politics than sound, Kane released his first single, entitled "Depth Charge" on Vinyl Solution, the label of London record shop of the same name. In no time at all the number was an underground hit. Frustrated Beat fans who had long felt alienated by American hip hop found in "DEPTH CHARGE" the ultimate alternative: a chilled-out beat, a chunky bassline and dialogue sampled from Kung-Fu movies. ( Kane also runs a company called "Made in Hong Kong" and licenses such films) Tracks like "Shaolin Buddha Finger" or "Bounty Killer" soon followed, which equally reflected both raved-up acid nights and good Hip Hop sets. In Vinyl Solution Kane had found a remarkably open-minded record company, for whom he was also carrying out A&R functions, which enabled the label to pioneer a crossover between Core and Floor and whose attitude encouraged a number of audacious releases. An example being the one Kane recorded as OCTAGON MAN, his second major project in the early nineties. Whereas DEPTH CHARGE was principally based on samples and beats, with OCTAGON MAN Kane let the machines do the talking. From Andrew Weatherall to the entire Beat Elite of the day, Kane’s creations are regarded as having crucial influence – his early works could even be hailed as the blueprints for Trip Hop and Big Beat. The meister doesn’t make too much of the latter, however " I see Big Beat as a passing phenomenon. It’s high on energy potential but low on content".
So really it was about time to collaborate with him on an ELECTRO BOOGIE. In his eccentric set Jonathan Saul Kane mixes tunes by Anthony Rother (Germany’s leading Electro artist currently), Electrecord ( who put Cologne on the Electro map) Noisecore, Scorn, and the ultimate cult record: Soft Cell’s Tainted Love – the 9 minute vocal version. The set is rounded off with stunning tracks written by Kane himself, who appears under the auspices of projects SEM and OCTAGON MAN, and other tracks from the European Abstract-Electro scene. This CD mix shows us once more just how exciting Electro can be.
There will of course be a DJ-friendly vinyl edition, featuring among others tracks by Saw Tooth, Suburban Hell, Human, Dynamo, Sem and Anthony Rother. As a treat for the first time in years, Soft Cell’s 12" Vocal mix is once more available on vinyl!