DJ Hell

X-MIX 5 - Wildstyle

Format: VHS
Release Date World: Monday 13th November 1995

After having been able to sign some of the best international DJs for their recent X-Mixes (Laurent Garnier, Dave Angel, John Acquaviva, Richie Hawtin) STUD!O K7 now proudly presents one of the most respected german DJs for X-Mix-5: DJ HELL.
DJ Hell, the sympathetic guy from Munich, looks back on a career which started 1978 as being a punk-DJ and which brought him to release his own works on cult-labels such as R&S, Vortex, Magnetic North or Disko B. Meanwhile, he is one of the most wanted German DJs. Caused by his excellent taste in music and his subtlety in technical matters, he is one of the most respected German DJs among his international colleagues and has a tight friend-ship with brilliant techno-producers such as Jeff Mills, Robert Hood or Patrick Pulsinger, just to mention a few. Being the resident DJ in Germanys most innovative Club, Ultraschall in Munich, he sets new limits with every gig he does, relying on his knowledge of the History Of House. He can’t resist dropping a classic now and then and thus giving the audience a very special evening.
Also, the musical compilation for X-Mix-5 can’t be judged other than brilliant. Early Chicago-House tracks like Steve Pointdexter’s "Work that Motherfucker" or Ron Trent’s "Afterlife" are interwoven splendidly with Detroit techno productions such as "E-Dancer" (Kevin Saunderson) or Random Noise Generator and topped by classics from Bobby Konders, K. Alexi Shelby, Nick Holder, Phortune and Bernard Badie. Simply by looking at the listing of labels (Transmat, Nu Groove, KMS, Djax Up, Warehouse, Saber) you get the notion that this might be a lesson in high-quality House. Where his mixing is concerned, it’s obvious that he is able to set new standards. Whereas the first X-Mixes have been ruled by long mixings, DJ Hell on X-Mix-5 cuts and fades like hell. Just turn on "repeat" and keep on enjoying!
The X-Mix-5 video tells twelve, highly developed "virtual reality short stories", produced under the motto of "Wildstyle". The result is a visually refreshing, many-sided "cyber-movie", heart-rendering through its perfect work on every single scene and certainly trend-setting concerning techno-videos. Winging its way from one digital reality to another, X-MIX-5 takes you on a wild-styled ride through a series of virtual worlds.

Computer animations from Germany, Belgium, France and Switzerland representing the finest and farthest-out work from Europe’s community of wired artists. The X-Mix 5 Video will style you wild.

The triple X-Mix-5 vinyl contains all the definitive classics of the sound-track in an unmixed form. The major part of these titles, such as those from labels like Nu Groove, Saber, Warehouse and KMS, were released at the last turn of the decade and have now disappeared from the market. On X-Mix-5 these titles will be re-released again for the first time and thus make sure that X-Mix-5 will be yet another success