Earl Zinger

Speaker Stack Commandments

Format: CD, LP, Download
Release Date World: Monday 16th August 2004

On "Speaker Stack Commandments" nothing is sacred to Zinger as, once again, he surfs through the hypertext of madness.
Faster than any DSL, he hacks through reggae, ragga, dub, big band and musical jazz, dance hall and all kinds of wonderful sounds. He zaps through the styles like other people zap through afternoon talk shows.
"Speaker Stack Commandments" is like a musical test card with all colors in the visible and invisible spectra. A pandemonium of helium voices, in which cheesy organs from hell rule and hosts of Mickey Mouses in cucumber masks perform variety show dances.

Whoever follows "Speaker Stack Commandments" isn’t just taking part in the "Best Session Ever". Whoever moves to the "Zinger Fitness Video", won’t only catch sight of crocodiles in the Thames or become acquainted with the strange, monstrous, bizarre and absurd. For Earl Zinger’s flickering view doesn’t just fling a pixilated snapshot of a nice sunny afternoon in the nearest curiosity cabinet on the beautifully overstrained retina. Earl Zinger is no crazy Funny Brother; much more than a simple rogue, nudging and winking and pulling your leg. He sculpts sound from white noise; he’s a shaman, who’s traveled to more than just the best of all possible worlds; a friendly tour guide through the subconscious of mediumistic experience. Dialogs from the massive trashcan of Hollywood, tabloid platitudes and shredded snippets from the classified pages, hollow words with new content, previously known from film, funk and TV shows – Earl Zinger is nothing less than a chronicler.
And what’s more is that he’s a chronicler who writes quicker than life itself.