Additional Productions

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 19th April 1999

FUNKSTOERUNG’s story begins in 1992 in the wee town of Rosenheim, where German Michael Fakesch and Italian Chris De Luca meet for the first time at a techno club. They soon realise that they have the same favourite bands in common – namely Public Enemy and Metallica, and before long they are buying their first instruments and making maiden forays into productions of their own. First they produce more or less straight techno tracks, which they still manage to release on one of their favourite labels. Dutch cult label Bunker Records (run by Unit Moebius) signs the pair up for 6 albums (!) – but it’s a tough couple of years until the first tracks appear under the name Musik aus Strom. Of course this is way too tardy for our hotheaded duo, so they decide to start their own label to gain more control over their own releases. During this restructuring phase they decide upon the name FUNKST√ñRUNG (meaning "radio interference") for their production outfit, and Musik aus Strom ( "electrical music") as their label monicker. In terms of music this was certainly not a waste of years, as Chris de Luca says: "During these years we developed enormously as musicians as opposed to many others. Our style changed from typical Den-Haag hardcore to more musical Listening-Techno or ambient music."
With their first 12"s on Musik Aus Strom they were already responsible for a great deal of hurly-burly, and the whole package plus their particular sound secured them a worldwide fanbase which has grown to include musicians and labels such as Andrew Weatherall, Aphex Twin, Warp, Rephlex, Fat Cat, Schematic, V/VM and many others. Further releases followed on Compost, with their like-minded chum Skam as MASK, and on Chocolate Industries, and the "Single of the week" nominations soon came rolling in. Their complex sound arrangements, in which up to 400 different sounds/effects are used per song soon had them labelled as the German equivalent of Autechre or Boards of Canada. This comparison jars somewhat however since Michael Fakesch and Chris de Luca’s recent discovery of the human voice as a significant element of their musical expression, and they have been using more vocals in their work (FUNKST√ñRUNG has also just aquired a female singer).
Their "Additional Productions" for a variety of acts such as Bj√∂rk, Wu-Tang Clan, War, Finitribe, Visit Venus or East Flatbush Project weaves a trail of destruction through the originals with nothing but gushing enthusiasm from the artists – after Bj√∂rk heard their version of her track she tried to sign them up to One Little Indian immediately. A hefty tussle over two of Germany’s most gifted artists soon ensued, and STUD!O K7 counts itself more than lucky to have got the pair under contract. With the release of "Additional Productions" as well as a forthcoming album they finally have a place in the premier league of visionary electronic musicians.