Appetite for Destruction

Format: CD
Release Date World: Tuesday 25th April 2000

When describing the community of music that Funkstoerung has been aligned with, music journalist Simon Reynolds has noted Momus’s suggestion that rather then everyone becoming famous for fifteen minutes everyone will be famous for fifteen people. The tremendous cult following of Funkstoerung has grown beyond the underground music trainspotters into art, aesthetic, and design communities. In summary Funkstoerung has transcended their musical community and every fifteen minutes Funkstoerung becomes famous to another fifteen people.
On April 24th, 2000 STUD!O K7 will proudly release Funkstoerung’s long awaited album "Appetite for Disctruction." Produced and composed by Michael Fakesch and Chris De Luca aka Funkstoerung, "Appetite For Disctruction" will be the follow-up to 1999’s critically acclaimed "Additional Productions" – a collection of Funkstoerung remixes for other artists such as Bj√∂rk, Wu-Tang Clan and the East Flatbush Project. "Appetite For Disctruction" will feature eleven tracks with 5 vocal collaborations by three vocalists.
The duo, Michael Fakesch then a local club promoter and Chris De Luca, a B-Boy and DJ, first made acquaintance at a techno nightclub in their hometown of Rosenheim, Germany. Through their building friendship, the duo discovered that each other had greater musical interests beyond techno music varying from the hard rock metal of Metallica to the aggressive hip hop of Public Enemy. It was not long until the pair had begun purchasing recording and production equipment journeying into new musical realms and forays.
Their first six records produced were recorded under the moniker Musik Aus Strom. These releases were distorted techno tracks and were released by the Dutch labels Bunker and Acid Planet, which were run by techno legend Unit Moebius. Dissatisfied with their musical direction, moved to improve their position by starting their own label named Musik Aus Strom (in English translates to electrical music) and redefined their band as Funkstoerung (which translates to "Radio [Funk] Interference [Störung]"). During their sojourn into musical depths Funkstoerung developed a further electronic music interest delving into Den Haag style hardcore and more musical/ambient shades of techno.
As Funkstoerung, the first 12"s on their Musik Aus Strom label gained great international cult notoriety in music circles all over the world. Labels such as Chocolate Industries, Interferred Communications (the label of I-F), MASK (a collabaration between Skam and Musik Aus Strom), and Compost also released 12"s by Funkstoerung and critical praise followed. Their complex song arrangements often consists of over 400 different sounds and effects which the New York Times described as "sparse, brittle, nearly atonal tracks out of blips, static, buzzes, snippets of distorted sound and stray sampled voice."
The underground buzz and appeal of Funkstoerung brought more commercial and crossover projects such as invitations to remix elite recording artists such as Bj√∂rk, the Wu-Tang Clan or Jean Michel Jarre. Bj√∂rk was so impressed with Funkstoerung’s remix of her single "All Is Full Of Love", she immediately phoned her label to sign the German duo thus starting an international tussle for Germany’s most gifted producers. STUD!O K7 came out the winner, and immediately after signing released the compilation "Additional Productions" which featured Funkstoerung’s remixes for other artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Bj√∂rk, East Flastbush Project, and Visit Venus as well as a brand new track in collaboration with DMC World Champion DJ Craze. In description of "Additional Productions", Spin Magazine states "Funkstoerung makes static sexy again."
Their forthcoming album set for release in April, entitled "Appetite for Disctruction", furthers the group’s exploration into human vocal fusion featuring 5 tracks by three different vocalists. "Appetite For Disctruction" is an ambitious fusion of humanly accessible traditional song writing technique with Funkstoerung’s ambitious electronic productions. Without compromise to Funkstoerung’s sound, the shades of the album ranges from the hip hop/rap heavy "Grammy Winners" featuring MC Triple H to the bluesy vocals of Greenwood on "Think" to the nymph sonets of "Red Shirt, White Shoes" featuring Carin.
The maturation of Funkstoerung’s music is a reflection of their desire to further their direction, and by doing so another fifteen minutes pass along with another fifteen new people added.