Grammy Winners

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 05th June 2000

Grammy Winners’ is taken from the current Funkstoerung album ‘Appetite For Disctruction’. After superb responses to the album world wide, Funkstoerung are set to notch up further success with ‘Grammy Winners’. Described perfectly as ’21st century hip-hop’ it features raps by MC Triple H. The mixes were all produced in Funkstoerung’s Rosenheim sound laboratories – indeed who else should remix them?
The single begins with the video edit you’ll soon be hearing as the soundtrack to an excellent Designers Republic video on your most trusted TV station. This is followed by an atmospheric instrumental mix (still featuring vocals however) and a seamless funk version. The hi-tech edit delivers the final (well-deserved) punch.
Last but not least the single features the fantastic video produced and directed by The Designers Republic, it is the first video production of the trend setting English graphic agency. They first made some experiences with the post production for the Aphex Twin and Pulp videos, but this one is the bomb. A consistent development of the Designers Republic and Funkstoerung style makes it to one of the best videos of the year.