Vice Versa

Format: LP
Release Date World: Monday 26th November 2001

Gnarrlll, Crackle, Deng, Splishh: Funkstoerung are back. With "Vice Versa", the world-class studio wizzards in sound hacking, vocal splicing and groove shredding present their second remix compilation. Again, a very special musical delight.
You could already hear it on Funkstoerung’s remix compilation predecessor, "Additional Productions" (!Kr7028), but also on their very own debut album "Appetite For Disctruction" (!K7087) what it so special about this Rosenheim based producer team, consisting of Michael Fakesch and Chris De Luca. It’s that blend of electronic noise, digital Soul and cinemascope sound, under which heavy and complex Hip Hop grooves are put that is Funkstoerung’s trademark. A somehow strange sound, futuristic yet seductice, fat but soft at the same time. It’s a very characteristic sound. The minute you hear the first beats of a Funkstoerung track or one of their remixes, you instantly feel it’s the sound wizzards vom upper Bavaria.
The magnificent talent of Fakesch and De Luca is manifested again on "Vice Versa". One could think of it as a new artist album by Funkstoerung. But in fact, the orginal tracks that are the source of material of this album are from celebrities such as Plaid, Jay Jay Johanson, Jean Michel Jarre, A Guy Called Gerald or Nils Patter Molvaer, to name a few. That means: Jazz, Hip Hop, Elektro Pop, Electronica and Drum n’Bass dissected, stock taken, new arranged and blended with the typical touch of Funkstoerung. The original may have sounded very different in musical terms, but when they get the Funksoerung treatment, the will eventually sound in an unique fashion. It’s a masterpiece, that only few remixers are capable of.