Gez Varley

presents Tony Montana

Format: 12" Vinyl EP
Release Date World: Monday 27th July 1998

Gez Varley is a techno pioneer from the very beginning. A strong Electro and hip hop fan whose heroes were Mantronix, Arthur Baker, Cabaret Voltaire, Juan Atkins or Derrek May. He released together with his partner Mark Bell under the name LFO a landmark of electronic music, that sold more than 130.000 copies and had a huge impact on the history of techno: "Frequencies".
This album is one of the first that made "intelligent techno" big and it’s protagonists LFO, Black Dog or Aphex Twin such as their homelabel WARP Records famous. Anyway they denied to play at "Pop Of The Pops" and made it easy.
After a five year break they released in 1996 the much more agressive "Advanced", not appreciated by everybody but a very homogenic album. Mark Bell (who did solo albums and produced Björk) and Gez Varley somehow decided to go separate ways.
After LFO’s splitting Gez released 1996 "Quo Vadis" under the name of G-Man. It became one of the dancetracks of this year: minimal beats and Basic Channel influences, that continued very well the artistic and commercial goal of LFO. Then the album "Kushti" remixed by Mark Gage (Vapourspace) on Swim Records.
After a long break Gez Varley presents his long awaited album on !K7 Records. Influenced and inspired by Brian De Palma’s cult movie "Scarface" the recordings feature dark minimal track with fat grooves, a kind of mixture between Ritchie Hawtin’s "Concept" and Jeff Mills’ "Purpose Maker". Berlin’s Dubplates & Mastering engineer Stefan Betke aka POLE mastered the tracks giving them a deeper sound.