Ghost Cauldron


Format: Download, 12" Vinyl EP
Release Date World: Monday 02nd December 2002

GHOST CAULDRON is the new project from DJ Kaos (former member of Berlin based band Terranova) and CE.EL, his old friend from skateboard days. After the highly acclaimed debut single "Whole World", !K7 is now proud to present "Bozak".
While the debut was marked by a more hip hop kind of vibe, with guest MC’s like Anti Pop Consortium and Apani B Fly, the new double A 12" features more the straight grooves and shows that GHOST CAULDRON is a musically versatile project.
Side A, "The Things You Do", resembles an early Chicago warehouse vibe. With "Sexy Body" the story goes to a straight 909 beat, and the refrain of "The Things You Do" soulfully vibrates to electronic bleeps. A manic club burner co-produced by Patrick Pulsinger and Mario Neugebauer (Cheap/Louie Austen).
Side AA, "Vortex": A mash up of old school bassline, synth percussion, a boogie type groove and a vocal sample that fronts a real Italian accent reminiscent of the first italo house tunes from the early eighties. A serious floor shaker.
For "Vortex" GHOST CAULDRON were inspired by tracks from Tangerine Dream and Giorgio Moroder, "The Things You Do" breathes the early sound of the Chicago warehouse vibe. Like the sources of inspiration, GHOST CAULDRON also play the multitude of their arrangements live. Naturally, the tracks are the finest DJ food: DJ Kaos, who has been spinning grooves from the early 80s for years knows what a good track is made of.
Currently, DJ Kaos and CE.EL are working on the final stage of their debut album "Invent Modest Fires" which will not only feature breakbeats and techno vibes but also folk and rock elements. Due for release in early 2003.
Until then: Get dem headphones ready – coz GHOST CAULDRON will blow your top!