Ghost Cauldron

Invent Modest Fires

Format: CD, LP, Download
Release Date World: Monday 05th May 2003

Within the fear of darkness lies the fascination of the indescribable" – the American gothic novelist Edgar Allen Poe once wrote this about his famous novels. A statement, that one could easily project onto "Invent Modest Fires", the debut album by Berlin’s GHOST CAULDRON. The statement suits well when trying to categorize the very special sound of this music. It’s a dark and mighty sound, and with its orchestral elements it breathes a Baroque greatness. But then there’s also this particular element, this unique, seductive heaviness that marks the tracks by GHOST CAULDRON. To put things short: It’s an outstanding sound that captures the listener at once.
And then, naturally, there’s GHOST CAULDRON, the name of the project that continues the unique impression. It’s a name that recalls horror flics. The people behind GHOST CAULDRON are less frightening though: GHOST CAULDRON, that’s DJ Kaos, a former member of the Berlin band Terranova and his old skate buddy CE.EL, who is a gifted keyboard player and engineer. For more than two years they’ve been recording music together. First, it was their highly acclaimed singles "Bozak" and "Whole World", now it’s their debut album "Invent Modest Fires" on which ten brand new tracks are glittering. Yes, these raw fitted sound gems shine with a special glint, it’s a sound that not only has a special mood, it’s also a genre bounding experience: It’s rock, it’s hip hop, sometimes it’s folk and then proto disco, it’s an eclectic mix, the sound of a genre hopping in between. An attitude, for which Kaos as DJ has been well known for ages.
With "Invent Modest Fires" Kaos wanted to release "an album, that is not the usual stuff that is getting released these days. It’s an album that is not part of a certain trend but that is innovative and that can’t be categorized." You can hear it from the album: grooves and genres change while listening through the album and the music often sounds as if it was recorded by a live band. Guitar riffs, drums and strings stem from the big sample archive from Kaos though, for which he has been collecting live sounds for years.
With names such as Anti Pop Consortium, Priest, Apani B Fly and Perilaus Bull, GHOST CAULDRON engaged a crew of A-list vocalists for "Invent Modest Fires". The jam with APC ("Fear") for example could be considered legendary by now. The track was recorded shortly before the break up of the New York avantgarde rhyme posse. Priest, one of the rappers of APC, was so impressed by the recordings, that he also grabbed the mic for GHOST CAULDRON after APC had split. MC queen Apani B Fly was also recorded in New York.
Last but not least there’s the London based brothers Nick and Mitch Taylor, who Kaos met while recording in London. For "Invent Modest Fires" they sang the more rocky type tracks. Nick and Mitch Taylor run the band Perilaus Bull – in short, they will release their debut album on Source Records (Air, Erlend Oye etc.).
Edgar Allen Poe would have had his joy listening to "Invent Modest Fires". And if all his books had not been already filmed, GHOST CAULDRON would’ve delivered the perfect soundtrack. But who knows, maybe in a short while there’ll be animated pictures running to the music?
Nuff’inspiration is guaranteed.
1. fire walk with me
2. only at night (feat. priest)
3. see what I’ve become (feat. perilaus bull)
4. midnight vapor
5. fear (feat. anti pop consortium)
6. whole world (feat. apani b fly)
7. look back see forward
8. right now (feat. perilaus bull)
9. calming down — demo version — (feat. perilaus bull)
10. garage beat
11. death before disco
12. rush nowhere