X-MIX 10 - Jack The Box

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 04th May 1998

Just a few hundred days before the turn of the century the X-Mix-Series starts with a new chapter. Founded in 1992 Studio K7 set standarts with it’s combination of a mixed DJ-Set and animated video which no other label has achieved. Since then every X-MIX carried a special idea through some amazing virtual worlds and top-class DJs as Kevin Saunderson, Richie Hawtin & John Aquaviva, Dave Angel, DJ Hell, Mr.C, Ken Ishii, Dave Clarke or Laurent Garnier were the pilots of enjoyment. As the tenth voyage is on it’s way to jack the box, this X-MIX will be hosted by Oliver Bondzio und Ramon Zenker aka HARDFLOOR, who contributed their special set to the ten years of Acid-House! Therefore it’s obvious that it had to carry the trademark of the Summer of Love: The Smiley!
Hardfloor are worldwide one of the most respected and succsessful german technoacts, already gaining international with their third release "Acpierence". "That’s pretty important to us," says Oliver Bondzio, "that you can say: this is a Hardfloor record. But we’re not stuck in the past," he asserts, and then adds: "On the other hand, our greatest hits always had a 303 bassline."
The MUZIK-Magazine called "Acpierience" the best Acidrecord ever and as an aftereffect to this succsess Hardfloor devolped a distinctive acid sound ∆ a style which, as producers, they have made their very own. This unique style was also highly requested for many remixes and people like New Order, Anne Clark, Mory Kante, Richie Hawtin or Robert Armani got their 303-treatment.
Besides it’s focus on the times of Acid-House this X-MIX is dedicated to Armando (who died of leukemia in 1997), one of the inventors of acid house and a friend of Oliver. This acid flashback is also Hardfloor’s first ever mix CD. "We’ve had a really good time doing it and now we’re filled with new energy to go out and work on more Hardfloor stuff."
For Oliver and Hardfloor partner Ramon Zenker, acid was where it all began. Back in 1988, Oliver was DJing at Königsburg in Krefeld, one corner of Germany where, in advance of the rest of the country, there was already a thriving rave scene. "Acid was what made us start producing music. I was always into Kraftwerk and other electronic music, but it was too complex for me to reproduce. Acid sounded so cheap and yet so powerful. All you needed was a drum machine and a 303."
Hardfloor’s X-Mix is a celebration of that sound, a dance-step back a decade into 1988, without forgetting the exiting present. "That was the Summer of Love ‚àÜ the big year for acid house." Classic Chicago acid tracks from the likes of Nathan Jones aka Phuture/DJ Pierre ("Box Energy" or "Spank Spank"), Chris Westbrook aka BamBam ("Where is Your Child"), Housemaster Boys ("Housenation"), Sleezy D ("I’ve lost control"), Adonis and Fast Eddie rub grooves with three brand-new and exclusive Hardfloor tracks ‚àÜ crafted to sound as though they’re also from 1988. These tracks are the first Hardfloortracks after their 3 albums and 11 singles for the Frankfurt based Harthouselabel, which split in 1997 and releases now only in the UK via EYE-Q.
In comparison to the past X-MIXes the visual realisation of this set was tranferred into an entirely new territory. Working with 16mm film, video samples, animated still frames, and raw material from old scientific films, the X-Mix series here leaves all tired and typical imagery behind ‚àÜ looking to the past in order to start moving into the future. The austrian company MVD (based in Vienna) was responsible for the new outlook and their earlier work was displayed at events like the Sonar-Festival ’97 (Spain), Days of Architecture`97 (Austria) or CD-ROMs like the Farmers Manual on Mego-Records.
As a special style of music Acid is in a constant rate of development through the work of various producers from around the whole world. The X-MIX-Series runs through the same ongoing process of a change in content and optics, never forgetting it’s prime directive of releasing an excellent DJ-Set. Therefore we want to end this introduction with a great and very true quote which defines quite good this 10th X-MIX: "Acid sound so unique,
you just have to move your feet!"