Henrik Schwarz

Live (Digital Edition)

Format: Download
Release Date World: Monday 12th November 2007

2006 was a great year for Henrik Schwarz. Besides earning universal acclaim for his DJ- Kicks mix on !K7, the Berlin-based producer and remixer also confirmed his growing reputation as one of Germany’s most respected DJs, bringing his lifelong love of jazz and soul to the forefront of the deep house scene. And now he is poised to impress an even wider global audience with his magnificent new album, simply entitled ‘Live’.
There are no rules to Henrik’s elegantly crafted brand of soulful techno and melodic house. The ‘Live’ album showcases the wide variety of his classic original tracks, rearranged and reborn for an international club audience – from the hypnotic Afrofunk gallop of ‘Kalimba Dance’ to the infectious acid jitters of ‘Jimis’, and from the bluesy scat-jazz of ‘Leave My Head Alone Brain’ to the trippy piano ripples of ‘Imagination Limitation’.
The album also features remixes of some legendary voices, including funk giant James Brown and born-again torch singer Boy George, as well as rising stars like the haunting Norwegian Sami folk siren Mari Boine. All woven together into one grand, dynamic, mesmerising musical journey.