Around the House

Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 06th May 2002

K7! is proud to rerelease “Around The House”, Herberts masterpiece album of 1998. The predecessor to the highly acclaimed album “Bodily Functions” (released 2001 on K7!) subtly spins domestic found sounds into voluptuosly textured house grooves. The album’s title is it’s program: Wether it’s a dish washer, a toaster, or a tootbrush, the devices and machines around the house offer endless sources of sound. Matthew Herbert caught them, fed them to his sampler, added the heavenly voice of singer Dani Siciliano and produced a stunning album.
“Around The House” is probably one of the most special house music albums ever. The infatuating songs of Dani Siciliano, then a SF based DJ and singer, today Herbert’s partner-in-crime, combined with a lose mix of dubbed tracks and instrumentals create a warm, deep feeling. Call it deep house or whatever – Herbert’s “Around The House” is in it’s literal sense house music. You may not find anything similar.