Wall of Pressure

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 09th March 1998

Wall Of Pressure" is the new single of the Bochum (Germany) based electro project Impulse , the first after their acclaimed 1997 debut album "One – Six – Four – One – Seven". Their smooth style inspired lots of critics and producers alike. Impulse is the duo Dj Mart and South(Sven Staudt). The white label of this release got good responses and is already played by some of the best Electro DJs.
The title track is one of these groovy Impulse tunes and features a superslick sample by Roger Troutman. The remixes have been made by Third Electric (aka Rootpowder & Bolz Bolz) from Cologne’s Formic posse and by Artificial Material aka Adam Lee Miller of ErsatzAudio, one of the leading producers of electro music in Detroit. You’ll find two bonus remixes on the CD: one of "One – Six – Four – One – Seven" by Autechre (WARP) from Sheffield and one of "Heavybreath" by Rootpowder & Bolz Bolz, presented now for the first time to a larger public.