John Acquaviva

presents Skills

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 12th October 1998

In the beginning there was Jack, and Jack had the GROOVE!
This most classic quotation in house history not only sums up the phenomenal set of cult DJ Acquaviva, but also serves as an introduction for a totally new mix series brought to you by Studio K7: Skills will be a new forum for the leading and most progressive DJs. Here they can proove their skills!
The canadian DJ John Acquaviva is known and welcome in the best clubs all arround the world since the very early days of house music. He has a reputation to be one of the funkiest DJs on Earth.
"DJing is not about money. It’s about being spontaneous, motivated and sincere" says the vinyl addict ("Records are my children") He has more than 50.000 (!) copies in his vinyl archive he keeps in two different buildings, a truly rich base for unique and exciting sets. His good taste is already prooved, he ran for several years the label Plus 8 together with Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman, also their distribution company Intellinet and the house label Definitive. Being one of the most booked DJs he plays about 130 nights a year, flying over the Atlantic Ocean about 35 times. "I speak a little bit of italian, french, german and spanish now and I love the culture. I want to expand my universe and horizons. I love the food and the drinks. I love fuckin’ everything", confesses the DJ traveller, who has even more free miles at Pan Am than records in his archive.
And he still is good in foreseeing tomorrows big club tunes. On Skills he takes some of these future club smashs mixing them with some classics to a real entertaining club mix. From deep house to tribal and acid tracks down to disco tunes, a real short cut through house history.
The tracklist makes the house expert wanna make oohh…..Laurent Garnier, Nightmares On Wax, X-Press, Ian Pooley, Phuture, Sal City Orchestra and Cevin Fisher are featured with massive tunes and Ramirez’ "La Musica Tremenda" and the acappella (!) version of Fingers Inc. "Can You Feel It" appear on Skills for the first time for years (also on the vinyl version)!
An incredibly groovy affair being the perfect start for Skills!!