Ken Ishii

X-MIX 7 - Fast... DVD

Format: DVD
Release Date World: Friday 30th June 2000

Following the mixes by such international house and techno artists as Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Dave Angel, DJ Hell, Mr C and Dave Clarke, Studio K7 is proud to present a stunning freestyle set from Japan’s KEN ISHII.
House and techno, electro and drum ‘n’ bass, trip hop and jazzy groove – here KEN ISHII draws from a variety of dance styles to create a mix rooted in his own unique take on the high-tech underground. No less than 20 tracks are worked into his vital CD mix.
Since Ken Ishii first appeared on the European scene, the Sapporo-born, Tokyo-based prodigy was welcomed as the first techno producer from the Land of the Rising Sun. The culture that manufactured the machines that made the music, had – finally! – produced an artist who could play them. From the moment his very first releases appeared on the R&S label, KEN ISHII’s work has commanded an enthusiastic attention and a loyal following in clubs across the continent.
As a producer, KEN ISHII’s music hovers between hard-edged techno-based dance sounds and subdued, sensual sonic bliss. As a DJ he is something else again: hopping across genres, freestyling his way through all varieties of the groove while never losing sight of what keeps a dancefloor moving. For those who never heard a live KEN ISHII DJ set, ‘Fast Forward & Rewind’ will be a revelation.