Kevin Saunderson

X-MIX 8 - Transmission...

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 22nd September 1997

The acclaimed X-MIX series stretches the envelope yet again, presenting its latest voyage into the house and techno cosmoverse.
Following X-Mixes from such interantional adepts as Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Dave Angel, DJ Hell, Mr. C, Dave Clarke and Ken Ishii, Studio K7 are proud to present an inspirational set from none other than one of Detroit techno’s founding fathers, KEVIN SAUNDERSON.
However you slice the history of modern dance music, KEVIN SAUNDERSON ends up with a mighty big chunk of the credit. The origins of techno can be traced back through the point where he, Derrick May and Juan Atkins all hooked up at Belleville High School, Detroit. His subsequent recording career – including releases as Inner City, Reese & Santonio, Reese, The Reese Project, E-Dancer, Kreem and Tronik House as well as remix work for New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Neneh Cherry and Cameo, among many others – still shows no sign of flagging. Despite a living legend status that other artists might have found it hard to live up to, after all these years KEVIN SAUNDERSON is still capable of truning out minimal but uplifting crowd-pleasers, one after another, with rarely a dip in quality.
But despite his status as one of the Detroit originators, Saunderson’s music stretches far beyond techno. Equally influenced by Chicago and New York, he stirs house and garage into his personal mix. At tims, Brooklyn-born Saunderson seems to represent a fusion of all three cities.
As a DJ KEVIN SAUNDERSON is versatile and eclectic, capable of spinning either a hard techno set or a slick, funky house selection, sometimes seguing from one through the other, and either way rarely failing to inspire the crowd, "I think, in my heart, my vibe is spiritual one", he says. "I like to make people fell uplifted and happy. If there’s a particular element that connects all my stuff, I think that’s it."
It was Saunderson’s friend Juan Atkins who originally conjured up the concept of Deep Space Radio. "The idea was to bring people into our world. Come into this planet, this vision of deep space. It was real abstract stuff, cutting edge dance music, but nothing like your normal radio show." Atkins, May and KEVIN SAUNDERSON bought time for Deep Space Radio on Detroit’s Radio WGPR107,5 and ran the show throughout 1993 and 1994. It had its own jingles, intros, DJ idents and atmosphere. Saunderson was among the DJs who produced regular mix shows, augmenting their turntable talents with edits and other studio magic, talking over some of the mixes. "It was," says Saunderson, "promoting music for the future, and hopefully also giving a clue as to how radio will be in the future."
Alas, Deep Space Radio is no longer on the air. But KEVIN SAUNDERSON’s X-MIX, musically similar to his uplifting live set, plus a few edits and tricks and framed as a transmission form Deep Space Radio, is a taste of how far out the airwaves could be.
Meanwhile, the forthcoming X-MIX video of A Transmission From Deep Space Radio is set to take another giant step in X-MIX’s continuing mission to explore strange new digital worlds, to seek out new imaginery, new virtualities. A dozen of the world’s leading digital designers will boldly go where no video has gone before.