Sessions TM

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 12th October 1998

Just who do Kruder & Dorfmeister think they are? Well, basically just two guys from Vienna whose dub plate melting DJ sets, vinyl releases and remix work has kept them in the minds and hi fis of the world’s discerning music lovers since 1993. Creators of a trademark sound, blending bass heavy downbeat tracks with epic soundscapes, double-time breaks and deep, deep Viennese feeling. K&D roam in a unique musical wonderland that draws on classic funk, electric jazz arrangements, the feeling of deep soul, hip hop, dub, drum ‘n’ bass and a multitude of other influences that grab the attention of these musical magpies.
You can find parallels to K&D’s work in the British breakbeat or American illbient scene, but their musical blueprint is truly international anyway. They have achieved a special global reputation that makes them neighbours to the likes of DJ Shadow, Howie B, Thievery Corporation and Fila Brazilia in a virtual community of sonic explorers.
A K&D interpretation of another artists record has always been more than a remix in the traditional sense; these Austrian perfectionists spend weeks on each ‘Session’, breaking a track down to its elements and reconstructing it in a way that is uniquely theirs.
While their CV of production work contains some of the greatest names in contemporary music (as a glance at this album’s tracklist confirms), K&D have also had to turn down offers from the likes of U2 and Elvis Costello due to their refusal to become a remix production line.