Laurent Garnier

X-MIX 2 - Destination Planet Dream

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 18th April 1994

The controls are set for Laurent Garnier’s visual voyage to Planet Dream. This CD contains a complete remix of the tracks available on the X-MIX-2 video. The soundtrack also includes three bonus tracks from Kenny Larkin – "Prelude", Robert Armani -"Circus Bells Remix", and Guillaume la Tortue – "Salinas".The CD’s redesigned structure in comparison to the video mix turns this work into an important compilation in it’s own right. The music on this album, selected and mixed live by Laurent Garnier, is taken from some of the earth most innovative independent house labels. It allows you to explore a collage of house, original techno, acid and trance tracks as you are guided by Europe’s most respected house DJ Laurent Garnier, through a unique mix only available on this CD. The video, however, has the added attraction of the beautifully crafted computer graphics from 13 of the world’s pioneering digital-visual-artists and will undoubtedly add a new dimension to this aural experience.