Michael Fakesch


Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 15th November 1999

Marion",…that’s the name of Michael’s girlfriend to whom his debut solo-album is dedicated to.
Michael Fakesch,…that’s 50% of Funkstoerung, you might know from their famous remixes of artists like Bjoerk and Wu-Tang Clan (>>>"Additional Productions", avaiable on Stud!o K7) and their highly respected E.P.’s on labels such as Compost, Chocolate Industries and, of course, their own label :musik aus strom‚Ñ¢..
You now might know what to expect from Michael Fakesch…super-high tech beats in combination with nice melodies. The only thing which differs to Funkstoerung-tracks is the fact that Michael’s tracks are not that much inspired by Hip Hop. Sure you can hear big hip hop influences in the tracks "Demon-stration", "Dry/Wet" and "Surfaise", but all in all the tracks are more focused on complex breakbeat’ish rhythms.
Not all of "Marion" is brandnew. The tracks "I:omac", "Rand va", "Surfaise", "From Crocut" and "Diesehle" are taken from Michael’s :musik aus strom‚Ñ¢.-E.P.’s "Demon.1", "Demon.2" and "Demon.3". The track "Rand vc-2" is a rework of "Rand vc", which has been released on "Demon.2". All the Demon’s gained best reviews all over the place (which is also because of the incredible remixes by Boards of Canada, Jega and Andr√© Estermann which were featured on this series). The Demon-E.P.’s are the only :musik aus strom‚Ñ¢.-records which haven’t been repressed,…that’s why they are auctioned for very high prices on the internet.
You might be wondering why Michael is doing a solo-project although his other project Funkst√∂rung got quite big already…it’s just the fact that Michael and his partner Chris De Luca agreed not to release stuff which they did alone under the name Funkst√∂rung. Due to Michael had more possibilities spending time in the studio (+he had a own small music-computer at home), he has been able to do enough solotracks to release this album…but all in all it took about 4 years to collect the album-tracks. You can hear that Michael’s stuff is done just for fun, it’s done because it was a better option to do some music instead of watching TV or doing nothing. We don’t know if you agree, but in his opinion Funkst√∂rung-tracks are more precise produced, especially the new songs (incl. some vocal-tracks) for their upcoming album on Stud!o K7 (ca. March 2000) and their latest remixes for acts like Jean Michel Jarre, Faust, Notwist or Tocotronic.
It would be easy to compare Michael Fakesch to artists like Aphex Twin or Autechre, but although all these IDM-artists have got the same "school", each of them has got his own style. For example Autechre are much more Techno-influenced and Aphex Twin has got more "english humour" than Michael Fakesch or Funkstoerung. Isn’t it poor that journalists find 100’s of differences in Housetracks, but think that such complex music as IDM sounds equal all the time?!
Unfortunately we weren’t able to finish the artwork for the promotional release,…yes, you guessed it: the artwork is done by The Designers Republic, who also have done the f+#$ing amazing design for "Additional Productions", which was featured in tons of design-magazines around the world.