Mike Ladd

Wild Out Day

Format: Download
Release Date World: Monday 10th March 2003

The New York punk poet, rapper and musical pamphleteer Mike Ladd presents the tone of his upcoming !K7 solo album to appear next year with the "Wild Out Day" EP: astral funk in a laid-back hustler style ("Jet Pack") immediately followed by the magnificent and raw swinging orchestra punk rock of "Wild Out Day".
But the extensive work of the indefatigable Mike Ladd defies categorization. Since his first performances with Amiri Baraka, KRS-1 and the Dream Warriors in the mid-90s, legendary readings in the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, the pioneering "Eargasms" compilation (with Saul Williams and The Last Poets amongst others) and his magnificent solo albums "Easy Listening For Armageddon" (Mercury Records, 1997) and "Welcome to the Afterfuture" (Like Madd/Ozone Music, 2000), Mike Ladd has pushed the possibilities of his expression further and further. Urbane, discriminating music, which began as hip hop (and there above all in words) and long since ventured forth into new realms.
Not for nothing, Ladd worked very early on with kindred spirit musicians such as Company Flow and the Anti Pop Consortium. Furthermore, with the "Infesticons" trilogy (Ninja Tune), a conceptual Dadaist work √† la Star Wars, he is propelling the combating characters and sound designs game to the top. "The Majesticons", the second installment, will be released in early 2003. Brilliant contributions to the current Terranova LP and various remixes (Yo La Tengo, Anti Pop Consortium) demonstrate Ladd’s continuous dedication to a healthy freedom of expression.
"Wild Out Day" and "Jet Pack" make it loud and clear that the shattered poses and fragmented funk tunes of a meticulous culture lend themselves well to generating fresh sounds and brave new ideas. The Afterfuture returns.