More Rockers

Selection 2

Format: CD
Release Date World: Wednesday 01st January 1997

More Rockers – "Selection 2"
Bristol strikes back ! Beyond Portishead and Roni Size, More Rockers is back with their second album "Selection 2". After various work with artists such as Massive Attack and DJ Krust, the team of producers Peter Rose and Rob Smith continue the legacy carried on from their first album. More Rockers combine artfully hard breaks, diverse bass-lines and spherical dub-sounds to demonstrate their unique position in the drum ‚Äòn’ bass culture.
Rob Smith and Peter Rose (together with Ray Mighty) are also the producers behind the SMITH & MIGHTY moniker who are claimed to be the originators of the Bristol sound and who just had huge success with their critically acclaimed "DJ-Kicks" release on Studio K7 where their combination of Bristol classics and More Rockers releases have won them fans all over the world. They just toured through Germany, England, Fraimum effect on tracks like for example "Cure", "Show Love" or "Rainbows" who turned into huge clubhits already. All in all "Selection 2" is "jungle fuelled sensually chilled and sexually charged masterpiece. Get it !" (Melody Maker).