Motor City Drum Ensemble


Format: CD, Download, 2LP
Release Date World: Monday 04th July 2011

Danilo was always incredibly young with things. He started producing at the age of eleven‚Äî”way
too early” as he jokes‚Äîhaving his first release out just five years later: Inverse Cinematics’ ”Slow
Swing”, released on Pulver Records in 2002, and ended up finding its way into Ricardo Villalobos’
record bag as well as onto one of the first Fabric mix CDs. An album under the same name and a
string of EPs followed. Dailo’s latest releases, the Motor City Drum Ensemble’s Raw Cuts series
in 2010, had the house music world responding strongly to the charmingly fresh and dirty
sounding tracks, all mixed down in spontaneous two-hour sessions. Danilo has also released on
top labels ranging from 20:20 Vision to Rush Hour as well as his own MCDE and Four Roses
imprints, produced for Ben Westbeech and Rainer Trueby and never ceased to amaze with his
challenging remix work for artists like Caribou, Jazzanova, DJ Sprinkles and Zero 7.
His understanding of how the parts of a track can work has never been more apparent than on his
DJ-Kicks mix. In 10 years, playing 80+ gigs a year, including such temples as Berghain, Fabric
London, Rex and MOS, he’s absorbed dance history through hard and disciplined work behind
the decks. Look at the opening selections of his DJ-Kicks mix to get a glimpse of his amazing
ability to fuse totally disparate sound aesthetics into a coherent whole.
With the next months holding an extensive tour schedule for Danilo, dancers around the world will
be able to experience his gift as a selector first hand. That is, before he gets back into the studio
to start working on his first album as Motor City Drum Ensemble as well as a live act. All this will
prove, just as his DJ-Kicks is doing now, that there is no such thing as stagnation in the
ever-evolving cosmos of Danilo Plessow!