Mr. C

X-MIX 6 - Electronic Storm

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 22nd April 1996

The Video/DJ-Mix series X-MIX of Berlin’s STUD!O K7 proves once more that musical innovation and commercial success can get along with each other. After winning the title of best compilation label with the first four editions DJ Hell’s X-MIX-5 was a true blast. Superb media and trade reaction (e.g. The Face "…fascinating and informative", Muzik "…House music nuggets", Generator "…the perfect sonic travelogue through the history of modern dance music", "…the Rolls Royce of mix albums", Mixmag "…razor-edged Detroit sound", Bassline "…the best musical and visual trip", Echoes "…best X-MIX yet") have been proving the exceptional rank of this "pioneer qualitity piece of art" among plenty mid-quality techno-compilations.
One of the most professional and avantgardistic DJs has been choosen for X-MIX’s latest version: Mr. C! The leadsinger and songwriter of British techno-pop duet The Shamen has been djing since 1987 and always understood it very well to seperate the commercial activities of The Shamen from his underground status as a DJ. His experimental sounddesign on X-MIX "The Electronic Storm" will certainly astonish a lot of people and serious attention is to be expected. His brilliant taste and perfect mixing transforms the newest X-MIX to an "Electronic Storm" indeed, wich will inspire people to spontaneous raving at home with a 100% club feeling.
From the secret corners of his record case Mr. C. is tricking with precious sound-pearls of Acid Jesus, Carl Craig, Damon Wild, K.Hand, Stacey Pullen and the like to produce an ardent acid-fireworks of international standard. A monument for the cr√©me de la cr√©me of innovative and abstract labels like Mr. C’s own Plink Plonk, Frictional, Klang, Communique, Ferox or Probe is set up and decorated with underground-jewels which will make X-MIX "The Electronic Storm" very interesting for expert listeners. Mr. C is able to reflect on his long experience as being a DJ und understands how to set up new standards.
The video of X-MIX "The Electronic Storm" can once again meet its expectations of being the avantgard video concerning the visualisation of techno. The leading artists among the X-MIX team created 12 superb sculptured "virtual-reality-stories". Like the theme "The Electronic Storm" these stories carry away the spectator like a hurricane and lead him to new digital realities.
The British DJ Richard West alias Mr. C started playing acid and house in 1987. Soon he continued organizing parties in London. These parties (Fantasy, Release, Subway, Trancedance etc.) played a major role in his life and so it is not surprising that he was able to open his own club "Vapourspace" in 1993. In 1989 Mr. C started – aside from his DJ activities – being the frontman of the British techno-pop duet "The Shamen" and was able to conquer the international charts with hits like "Move any Mountain", "Make it Mine", "Phorever People" or "Ebeneezer Good". Worldwide tours with superb stage shows (Mr. C is said to be one of the best dancers in the U.K.) transformed The Shamen into internationally respected stars. Their record "Boss Drum" was rewarded with double platinum. On the side this exceptional artist started his label "Plink Plonk" and in 1995 he opened the club "The End", which has been designed by Phillippe Starck and established itself now among the best dance clubs in the world. With his work on the latest X-MIX Mr. C will definitively join the major league of the top international DJs.
Because of the extreme success of X-MIX-5’s limited edition of the trump card game, it was obvious to create another special gimmick. First of its kind a sort of "Trivial Pursuit for House and Techno" called "The Techno Quiz" will be produced. 250 questions – divided into five levels of difficulties – making this game a must for all techno and house friends. First playing tests were extremely entertaining and satisfaction is guaranteed !