New Look

Teen Need

Format: CD, , Download
Release Date World: Monday 20th February 2012

The Canadian future pop duo and real life couple, Sarah Ruba and Adam Pavao have an undeniable creative synergy, combining the stunning, synth-playing chanteuse and former model, 25-year-old Ruba (previously shot by the likes of cult fashion provocateur Bruce Weber) and multi-instrumentalist, 31-year-old producer Pavao.
Opening with “Nap on the Bow”, New Look slowly caress an introductory world of warm 80s analogue pads and distanced echoes, the track building up around Ruba’s ethereal dreams, bubbling basslines breaking through tropical drums and effervescent synths.
“Music was the catalyst of our relationship”,” explains Pavao, “reminiscing about the band and the record’s romantic undertones. “It made us realise the connection we had. Writing our first song together was life changing, literally, because it made us realise not only the artistic potential we had individually, but more so as a couple, and just the basic human connection we had”.”

1 Nap On The Bow
2 Relax Your Mind
3 Numbers
4 A Light
5 The Ballad
6 Teen Need
7 You & I
8 So Real
9 Drive You Home
10 Everything