New Look

The Ballad

cat. number: K7288S1
barcode: 0730003728846
Format: Download
Release Date World: Monday 27th June 2011

New Look’s anthemic single “The Ballad” is the record’s futuristic pop centrepiece, juxtaposed by the stripped-back, harder hitting electro of “Teen Need” where Ruba’s vocals are twisted with a late night, 5am throwback party vibe, coincidentally written earlier this year with the band’s triumphant return to New York City. With a pitched down Sarah Ruba contributing androgynous guest vocals on “You & I”, the album’s morning-after-the-night-before turnaround, the latter half of the album returns to New Look’s soaring, amorous electronic pop roots.
“Music was the catalyst of our relationship,” explains Pavao, reminiscing about the band and the record’s romantic undertones. “It made us realise the connection we had. Writing our first song together was life changing, literally, because it made us realise not only the artistic potential we had individually, but more so as a couple, and just the basic human connection we had.”