Now Is Early

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 08th September 1997

Nicolette – Now Is Early
Nicolette is born in Glasgow and from nigerian origins. She met the Shut Up and Dance guys PJ and Smiley on a London trip and even didn’t really know, who she was singing at, as Nicolette tells us. But her first single on SUAD "Single Minded People" revealed how well the uncompromising, heavy noise-beats of PJ and Smiley fit with Nicolette’s soft almost timid voice. This never heard combination provoqued the nick name "Billie Holiday doing an acid house trip".
Nicolette herself doesn’t care about this funny file! "Sure I had gigs in jazz clubs, but I started with african folk songs. I sang for several months in a chorus in Paris and I like funk, house, latin, hip hop and blues aswell. People may be confused about that."
"Now Is Early" has got some more surprises for us. Close to the typical SUAD tracks, so intense because of the contradiction of rude, noisy breakbeats becoming the base for a "sweet" soulsong, you’ll find spratanically arranged jazz tracks, you never would have exprected form SUAD. They give Nicolette’s voice a perfect backing.
Who finally still needs a category to listen to this should try it with "moody hardcore-techno-jazz-soul-ballads". Everybody else shall be surprised by one of the most unusual and visionary dance albums of the year. (O.v.F.)
…yes, yes – that’s the way it was seen by the press in 1992, when Nicolette’s "Now Is Early" was released on the english label Shut Up And Dance. Since then a lot’s happened . Nicolette has worked with Massive Attack, a second visionary album has been released on Talkin’Loud and she did an excentric set for the DJ Kicks series. We look forward to release Nicolette’s debut (feat. two bonus tracks) on a mid price level. A record, that doesn’t sound five years old at all and remains a reference for lots of other productions…