Out Hud

Let Us Never Speak Of It Again

Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 21st March 2005

OUT HUD follow the release of their debut single for !K7 with their second album, the follow up to 2002’s S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D.. LET US NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN is an indefinable feast of filthy grooves, spectral sounds, tribal beats and haunting melodies that is unmistakably their own and yet immediately familiar. It’s been called ‘Freak Shit’ and it’s been called ‘Mutant Disco’. But whatever it is, it’s inevitably going to be called one of the defining records of the year.
LET US NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN was over eighteen months in the making, mainly due to the band’s unusual writing technique. Originally written, primarily through jamming, at the band’s house – they have been living together, on and off, for so long that they now have two pet cats and spend Thanksgiving with one another – the record was recorded in Washington DC before they returned to their New York house to have it mixed and deconstructed by band member Justin Vandervolgen. Even then the process continued, with the band further reworking songs to perfection. As they themselves admit, "mixing is a really central part of our music and the way we work takes a long time. We are perfectionists‚Ķ"
LET US NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN is a very different record to S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D. which was essentially a more down tempo affair. "We really believe in not standing still. We listen to music all the time and we are always getting inspired by new things so it makes sense that our record from two years ago doesn’t sound like we do now."
"We live in New York," they continue, "where you can hear all kinds of music from all over the world in the street." That certainly clarifies how they can claim that their sound is influenced by sources as various as "Adrian Sherwood, Larry Levan, Judy Nylon, Dr Dre, Dub, Disco, Neptunes, Timbaland, Lenky and other Dancehall…"
The new album is as diverse as this suggests, and should silence the current whines that dance music is no longer as relevant or vital as it once was. Take off the blinkers, y’all, because you’re looking in all the wrong places. Across the US, and indeed during their European tour following the release of debut album, OUT HUD have built up an enviable reputation for being capable of making even the most po-faced of indie chinstrokers throw off their cardigans and hit the floor. Their associations with !!! (with whom Tyler, Nic and Justin also play) and LCD Soundsystem (for whom Tyler also plays bass) have also done their reputation no harm. And LET US NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN is stacked with evidence in their favour. On cuts like the single One Life To Leave or How Long, the organic growth of the groove is utterly irresistible, whilst there’s a tension in tracks like The Song So Good They Named It Thrice or The Stoked American that is unhealthily enticing. Dear Mr Bush, meanwhile, is surely one of the most atmospheric and moving songs you’re likely to hear on a dancefloor. Ever.
So, LET US NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN. So named because OUT HUD won’t need to. Everyone else will be talking about it for them‚Ķ
Phyllis Forbes (vocals, keyboards, bass, stray cats, jogging)
Molly Schnick (cello, vocals, knitting, answering emails)
Nic Offer (keyboards, vocals, thinking and feeling)
Justin Vandervolgen (mixing, keyboards, beard growing, DJing)
Tyler Pope (bass, keyboards, fitness, Djing) – please note that Tyler left the band shortly after finishing recording the album to focus on his commitments to !!! and LCD Soundsystem.