Princess Superstar

Last Of The Great 20th Century Composers

Format: Download
Release Date World: Tuesday 25th April 2000

Concetta Kirschner was born on 172 and St. Nicholas Avenue in New York City to a Sicilian-American mother and a Russian-Polish-Jewish father. Eclecticism was bred into her bones. Growing up with hippie parents who regularly blasted everything from Stevie Wonder to Led Zeppelin to David Bowie, she was heavily influenced by all the incredible music her parents would put on the family turntable. Her crazy love for music of many shades and the rebel cut of her jib led Miss Superstar to abandon the outmoded codes and pioneer her own style.
1999 brought us ‘Last Of The Great 20th Century Composers’, also self-released, and features collaborations with music’s brightest lights from De La Soul alumni Prince Paul to former Fugee John Forte to The Blues Explosion’s Jon Spencer. It burst on the scene with its slick, giddy egotism, assy-drenched brassyness and undeniably slamming beats. The press could not contain its glee for a record that resurrected the best of rock n roll’s outlandish sexuality with hip hop’s penchant for irreverent humour.
“A prophecy: I’m gonna own everything like I was an apostrophe…” Says the superstar in “Untouchable Part 1.” And we believe her!