Rae & Christian

Nocturnal Activities

Format: CD
Release Date World: Tuesday 19th March 2002

No one wants to eat meat, meat and only meat all the time. Such is also the case with our listening habits and here Rae & Christian have invited their musical compatriots to add their own spin to the beautifully crafted original vocals and instruments.
Variety being the key, musical cousins get to show out encompassing latin, funk, house, and lots of unnamed musical hybrids which the journos don’t have words for yet.
Taking the songs and instrumentals of Sleepwalking to a new arena, these talented people show their appreciation of the originals by not only returning the remix favour but delivering lovingly moulded golden nuggets of sound.
Nocturnal Activity – Track by Track by Mark Rae
1 Not Just Anybody – Atjazz
Martin Iveson has been developing one of the UK’s most distinctive production sounds under the moniker Atjazz. Taking Kate Rogers vocal 20 bpm faster and matching it with a glorious bassline constructed in Jazz heaven with a zero chin stroke factor, this mix is a complete re-interpretation and all of the instruments were recorded live. Not bad for a chap from Durham.
2 Vai Viver a Vida – Tom & Joyce
Considering that Tom and Joyce produce beautiful authentic accoustic Brazilian based music you would expect an interpretation of Vai Viver a Vida to be along a similar Latin train of thought. However they seemed to have morphed the track into a late ’70s New York taxi ride with Tania Maria on the bonnet and Tom Scott and Bob James on the roof.
3 Ready To Roll – Bushy
Brighton holds a special place in British music history. Imagine Grand Central and Catskills fighting on the beach and of course we would see the same outcome with the northern side throwing bigger pebbles, more ferociously than our southern counterparts but amongst the fray one young southerner steps up and throws a boulder maiming the Grand Central leader. This boulder is the Bushy remix of Ready to Roll.
4 Trailing in the Wake – Only Child
Only Child lives nearby and because he doesn’t have any older siblings to enhance his toughness we find it easy to demand mixes willy nilly. This beat and bass heavy re-rub showcases the best of the chap’s talents. Darkness on the dancefloor.
5 Flashlight
Given a previous outing on Another Late Night, this cover version of the Parliament classic gets to sit next to the producers’ own numbers.
6 Vai Viver a Vida – Truant
Truant peddle a fine selection of beefy weirdness and light-hearted slinkoid funkola. The boys provide a slippery slice of Latin chuggery which of course Tania would never complain about. They are local remixers and none of them are called Dave.
7 It Ain’t Nothin’ Like – Nextmen
Superdope dancefloor scratch frenzy urinating from a great height on the original but then that’s what friends are for.
8 Let it Go – Groove Armada & Tim Hutton
Tom from Groove Armada used to be the bassist in our house band at the legendary Feva club in Manchester circa 1990. Obviously the boy’s done good and still remembers those that gave a warm can of lager and bus fare home for his services. I think he used to work in the Marketing Department of West Ham United and frighteningly he has a minor resemblance to Trevor Brooking. But don’t let that colour your interpretation of this Tim Hutton whistle and bass fest.
9 Wake Up Everybody – Rae & Christian
Re-hip hopped for the dancefloor and after many arguments with ourselves we decided to remix it
10 Hold Us Down – Faze Action
What a corker in return for our samba belter. Nice swappage! Good use of the horns in a genuine dub style – lots of strings to these chaps’ bows.
11 Salvation – Dual Control
Dual Control, having waited six years for a Grand Central release, are finally showing people their bass heavy skills. Niceness.
12 Get a Life (acoustic)
Bobby W. and guitar and nobody else. Is this the best?