Rockers HiFi


Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 19th May 1997

The next installment in the critically-lauded DJ Kicks series, entitled The Black Album Featuring Farda P, is to be released on !K7 Records on January 1st 1997.
Farda P is a Birmingham-based rapper/toaster who has worked closely with acclaimed British dub-jungle-house fusion maestros Rockers Hi-Fi. Farda P invited the Rockers (duo Glyn Bush and Richard "DJ Dick" Whittingham) into the studio to select and mix the tracks for his album. Farda P then toasted and rapped over the mix in his own inimitable style, using lyrics he especially penned for the album. This dex’n’fx treatment is a first for the DJ Kicks series and represents a step forward in the art of the DJ mix compilation genre.
Farda P has worked with Rockers Hi-Fi on a number of occasions over the past two years, most notably on the duo’s Rockers To Rockers and Mish Mash albums. They have also employed the dex’n’fx team-up to wow audiences at various festivals, clubs, impromptu gatherings and radio stations around the world. Farda P has also guested at numerous Rockers live shows which have resulted in a number of sell-out tours.
The Black Album contains DJ Dick’s seamless collage of obscure listening music, avant-garde drum & bass and chunky deep dub together with far-out sound manipulation from Glyn Bush using a customised effects box. The mix of records complements Farda P’s delivery perfectly, is typically eclectic and typically Rockers. Taking in African gospel-dub (Terminalhead’s "Twisted System"), low frequency flavas (Rhythm & Sound’s "Never Tell You") and grinding drum & bass (More Rockers’ "Dis Ya One"), The Black Album continues the fine DJ Kicks tradition of free-for-all soundscaping.
The final track, New Broom Sweep Clean, is an exclusive Farda P composition and has been remixed by Rockers Hi-Fi. This deep dub number sums up the Rockers sound perfectly, being equally at home in the dub dancehall as it would nestled in a Deep Dish set. All of the previous DJ Kicks albums have included exclusive tracks courtesy of the artist-in-the-mix. The title of the album, The Black Album, is a sly reference to the Prince album of the same name – you know the score.
While Rockers Hi-Fi and their record label Different Drummer command enormous respect from the dance media and music business within their home country, they have yet to enjoy the widespread commercial success in Britain that they do in other parts of the globe. Although their new album Mish Mash has been released all over the world by Warners to great critical acclaim, the band are delaying its release in Britain on Different Drummer until May 1997. It is hoped that the release of The Black Album will go some way to support Rockers Hi-Fi the respect in Britain that they so richly deserve.