Sapiano & The Partycrashers

Sapiano album

Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 15th November 1999

A record by SAPIANO AND THE PARTYCRASHERS is always a reason to party!!!
Now when it comes to an album on KLANG ELEKTRONIK by those legendary three british producers TONY SAPIANO, KENNY C and FELIX, it’s time to take a closer look on their biographies and careers, that started in the so called "Summer of Love" Acid House times back in the 80s and influenced the british Tech-House sound until today.
FELIX – the studio-mastermind and producer.
In his studio they are all coming together and there is also the place of birth of the typical Partycrashers-sound. In 1991 FELIX produced his well known one and only chart hit "don’t you want my love" which became no.1 in numerous European countries and became a blueprint for countless cheesy cover-versions. The still very small Acid House scene became very avarage and commercial that time. Because of that and especially the fact that he didn’t want to play the role of the Popstar, FELIX started to declare that the owner of the "Hooj Choons" label (which "don’t you want my love" was originally released on) was the original writer of the song. Rumours were born that an unknown postman had written the song. Even the story that an eleven year old kid from Nairobi composed the song was written in several british magazines, which gave FELIX the freedom to go back to the underground and progress his work on Techno and House again. What he has been doing since that time, except several Partycrashers 12" releases, is unknown, because neither we know where he lives, nor he gives any interviews.
KENNY C – while FELIX had his no.1 hit, Kenny was already DJ
Most likely he plays his powerful sets in gay- and fetish-clubs in London. In several clubs of the art -and gay-community he also passes the legendary "Summer of Love 1988" where his DJ-career started. There he also got in touch with the 80s Pop-Art-Superstars GILBERT AND GEORGE and works 10 times for them as a model. Also FELIX he met for the first time on one of those nights, who asked him to sing and perform on
live-performances of his current hit-single "don’t you want my love" (for example at "Top of the Pops" on TV).
TONY SAPIANO – TONY started his basic musical experiences and DJ-career at London’s legendary Acid House Club "The MUD CLUB". In the beginning of the 90s he was getting more and more into the constantly innovative and growing DJ-sets of ANDREW WEATHERALL, who basically influenced him and released two solo 12"es by SAPIANO on his SABRETTES imprint later on.
In March 1996 TONY, KENNY and FELIX recorded for the first time together as SAPIANO AND THE PARTYCRASHERS. Around the same time ANDREW WEATHERALL was doing his monthly "BLOODSUGAR" events (that used to be called "SABRESONIC" before) and just started his new label "EMISSIONS" where he released two singles of SAPIANO AND THE PARTYCRASHERS: "CRANK CALL" (including legendary track "let it rip") and "SIGNAL".
All tracks of those classic and very rare 12"es are included on the SAPIANO AND THE PARTYCRASHERS album "GREATEST HITS" on KLANG ELEKTRONIK. Further two PARTYCRASHERS 12"es (without TONY) were released on K. HANDS’ "ACCACIA" imprint from Detroit.
While "Speedgarage" and "Drum’n Bass"was still no.1 in british magazines the PARTYCRASHERS / SAPIANO AND THE PARTYCRASHERS were creating their own unique "TECH-HOUSE" sound, using elements of slamming dubhouse, deep bass- and acid-lines and slowed down minimal Techno. Besides them, producers and labels like 20:20 VISION (Ralph Lawson & Carl Finlow), CLASSIC (Luke Solomon & Derrick Carter), PHONO (Herbert) or already mentioned Andrew Weatherall with his new TWO LONE SWORDSMEN project on EMISSIONS were causing a big effect and fresh influence on the European dancefloors by melting these very pure and simple elements of Techno and House together.
The first single from the upcoming album "GREEATEST HITS" is called "VIVID" and defines minimal Techno with a new powerful strength. Chicago-"Jacking"-flavour meets London and all ingredients of a furios clubnight are fused in a fresh unique style. "VIVID" stroke no.1 in SVEN V√ÑTHS’ clubcharts and hit no.4 in German Dancemagazine "GROOVE" Top 50 before being even officially released.
SAPIANO AND THE PARTYCRASHERS’ "GREATEST HITS" is scheduled for September on double vinyl (distributed by NEUTON) and CD (distributed by K7) on KLANG ELEKTRONIK.