Seth Troxler


cat. number: K7324
Format: CD, Download, 2LP
Release Date World: Friday 16th October 2015

The world’s most notorious DJ digs deep for the most renowned compilation series as Seth Troxler gives us his DJ Kicks.

“For my DJ Kicks mix I wanted to do something that was honest,’ explains Seth Troxler. ‘I went out in the morning, micro-dosed myself and did all these errands around town. Then I came home at night and did the mix one take. I wanted to curate something for people to easily listen to, that was nice, and funny and got you in the mood to do your homework, or drive that hour long trip when you need to go somewhere. I see this mix as a gay man named Rodney. Or a big black woman named Birtha.”

Once in a generation an artist comes along that shakes up the status quo. Over the past decade, Seth Troxler has become a visionary and authentic voice in dance music, his jovial personality cutting through the noise and continually playing by his own rules. Growing up between Detroit and Chicago, his musical education carries enviable credentials, with his step dad a local radio personality who championed the early sounds of house music.

The DJ Kicks mix offers Seth a rare chance to indulge in the more eccentric side of his musical persona. Starting with a folk ballad from Niki Nakazawa, soon to be released on one of his record labels, Soft Touch. “Niki is an old friend of mine who lives in Mexico City. It’s a track that I’ve had for about five or six years and been trying to put out for ages. I finally found the perfect place for it.” This sublime piece of music is juxtaposed neatly with the piano solos of Herbert ‘Suddenly’, elegantly remixed by Phil Parnell, before driving into the supernatural frequencies of DJ Koze’s ‘Bodenweich’ for Kompakt and the psychedelic free-form of Cobblestone Jazz.

True to Troxler’s character, the mix has a whimsical nature and a thoughtful and timeless narrative, bearing a tenacious episode for the DJ Kicks series that gives a true insight into the man behind the well-preened moustache and cowboy antics. “ “It might seem obvious but to be a successful DJ, you have to be really into music. Collecting music is my life. This is a proper DJ mix – a house mix. It’s good music that works to listen to at any time.”