Seth Troxler

De Natte Cel

cat. number: K7324EP1
Format: Download, 12" Vinyl EP
Release Date World: Friday 29th April 2016

‘De Natte Cel’ was originally aired within luminary Seth Troxler’s contribution to the DJ Kicks series back in October 2015 – an offering that ‘haemorrhages delicacy and elegance’ according to Crack Magazine. Said to be inspired by the closing ceremony of Trouw – the track takes its title from the building’s origins as a printing house with ‘De Natte Cel’ translating as ‘Wet Cell’ – a room within which employees would wash ink from themselves post work.

Opening up with flanged pin drops and a buoyant thud, the track gathers with it allaying synth chords and a soft, bubbling bass line as it rolls on. Mangled signals and brisk hat shuffles pepper the top end as vocals bleed in and out of focus generating a rich with a chilly atmosphere. Norse producer and Full Pupp owner Prins Thomas then blows some warm Balearic air into the package as his reworking churns and gathers tension throughout.

‘There is a feeling of uncertainty and tension on our album. It’s a weird time to be young, you’ve got so many options but you’re being fed everything. It’s quite a melancholic record’ explains Harry. ‘But we find melancholy music quite uplifting’ finishes Robbie.