Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 21st May 2001

After the highly acclaimed "Backwood EP" Frankfurt’s SHANTEL releases his second single with material from his new album "Greatdelay". And so to say, it’s an appetizer that makes you want much more.
For "Inside" SHANTEL worked with the London based singer and MC Mike Romeo that already sang on SHANTELs debut album "Club Guerilla" in 1995. "Inside" is a song about temptation, seduction and the dangerous game of passion. A deep and shining piece of soul.
Track 2, the beat and beefy "Babylon Central Mix" of "Inside" is provided by SHANTEL’s Engineer Marcus Darius, in which studio most of the tracks of "Greatdelay" were recorded. Finally it’s "Backwood" again, the opener track on the "Backwood EP" in a version of Lightning Head, the new project of Glyn Biggabush. With his Latin-Reggae Mix Mr. Biggabush continues his famous production skills. He’s known being the musical head of the now defunct Rockers Hi-Fi.
Two great mixes, a superb piece of soul – after "Inside"