Oh So Lovely

Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 26th October 1998

Frankfurt based Stefan Hantel aka SHANTEL releases "Oh So Lovely", the first single out of his current album "Higher Than The Funk". It’s a new edit of the album track "Tell Me Why Is It Oh So Hard To Be Oh So Lovely", that received a very good feed back and had several radio plays. SHANTEL now made a "radio friendly" edit. There’s also a cool video to this song, that has been shot in one of the oldest existing quarters in a Bauhaus style in Tel Aviv (Israel). It soon will be shown on all usual music television channels.
A short look back: 1968 born Stefan Hantel studied graphic design in Paris until 1991, then he opened his club Lissania in Frankfurt’s red light district. It soon became a musical playground for SHANTEL’s own later style: downtempo. Being a contrast to the typical Frankfurt sound in the city’s techno clubs SHANTEL achieved to create together with guest DJs such as Kruder & Dorfmeister (who later used one of his tracks on their epoch making DJ Kicks) his own musical cosmos. SHANTEL released his own tracks on his album "Guerrilla" (Infracom) in 1995 and on his own label Essay Recordings. It originally released "Tell Me Why Is It Oh So Hard To Be Oh So Lovely", that for Howie B is one of the best german pop releases ever and made SHANTEL the opening DJ at Bj√∂rk’s only concert in Gemany last year.
This summer Studio K7 released his album "Higher Than The Funk", that established him in the producer’s Champion’s League and was internationally acclaimed (f.e. ‘pick up of the month’ in the US CMJ magazine). This album made the Rolling Stones order a remix from SHANTEL (the first german ever!) and be sure this single is the next step of his spectacular career!