Smith & Mighty


Format: CD
Release Date World: Monday 06th December 1999

The Bristol pioneers are back !!
The legendary producer team of Rob Smith and Ray Mighty (now joined by third member Peter D. Rose) make an impressive return with "Seeds". The title track is a typical Smith & Mighty piece, with a heavy dub bass line and the stirring vocal skills of rapper, Kelz, and the Bristol legend, Tammy Payne. We have already received excellent pre-release reactions to this title from American R&B radio stations, as well as DJ greats on the down tempo circuit (Peter Kruder and Ashley Beedle, amongst many others).
Along with the title track, the 12" features an excellent Flynn & Flory remix, who have managed to create a good reputation for themselves on the Drum’n’Bass circuit with their previous releases with independent dealers (Bass Speaker, amongst others). The CD single contains a radio edit alongside the original version, as well as a mega heavy More Rockers remix that is already spinning as a dub plate on the decks of certain DJ’s. With this single, and the long player, "Big World, Small World" due for release at the beginning of next year, Smith & Mighty join the ranks of the great Bristol bands.
Prepare for world domination !!