Vintage Hi-Tech

Format: Download
Release Date World: Monday 14th April 2003

Whatever became of the highly praised south London trio Spacek (not to be confused with Swayzak!), which some bright spark once very fittingly described as the "Radiohead of soul" following their epochal 2001 debut ("Curvatia")? With "Vintage Hi-Tech", the second album, they once again furnish evidence of just how much visionary vibes require musical uniqueness. A new opportunity for everyone with a taste for spiritual music to discover Spacek. Music that digs deep rather than spreading out.
The incredible hypnotic sound architecture, on which Steve Spacek and Morgan Zarate have been working, together with Edmund Cavill, since the mid-90s and which they now take up once again for "Vintage Hi-Tech", has never been heard so definitively: the stripped-to-the-bone R&B, harmonious downbeats and the soft but nevertheless strongly evocative floating vocal style have earned Spacek comparisons with Massive Attack through to D’Angelo, but their sound essentially remains beyond explicit classification. Just like good design, nothing more can be squeezed out of this music.
They haven’t found it at all difficult to live up to their own high standards again. This has more than a little to do with the fact that after their rather frustrating experiences with a major label, which left them waiting in the wings for too long, the band are satisfied that they have found the right home with !K7 Records. They haven’t let this prior bad episode put them off, though