Format: Download, 12" Vinyl EP
Release Date World: Monday 30th April 2007

As close to perfection as I’ve heard in a long time" – DJ Shadow
"These guys are deep!" – Roots Manuva
"Stardom awaits" – Mixmag

Opening a whole new chapter in the vibrant British music scene, Stateless are one of the most exciting young bands of 2007. Blending guitars with electronics, orchestral strings with turntable beats, this sonically adventurous five-piece band have a depth and a power far beyond their years. They come from Leeds, an increasingly hip breeding ground for fresh musical talent in the north of England, but their songs transcend scenes, genres and international borders.
Already much bigger than local heroes, Stateless have recorded and toured with DJ Shadow and worked with Arctic Monkeys producer Jim Abbiss. They have gathered rave reviews from famous fans, magazines and festival crowds alike. Newly signed to the Berlin label !K7, they are now more than ready to take on the world.
Their debut single ‘Exit’ is a magical piece of work, dreamy and soulful, powerful but vulnerable, epic yet intimate. Emerging from a glittering shower of electronic ripples, it gathers weight and momentum as singer Chris James lays an imploring, insistent vocal over cinematic strings and crunching techno-rock beats. Multi-layered and charged with emotion, it already feels like a modern classic.
The exclusive non-album track ‘Hurricane’ is equally impressive but different again. Languid and romantic, it pushes the Stateless sound further out into a place of sublime melancholy, on the windswept fringes of avant-garde rock and ambient electronica.
Both live and in the studio, Stateless are an unorthodox hybrid of rock, turntables and electro wizardry. Chris provides soaring, soulful vocals. Justin Percival plays bass guitar and provides backing vocals and David Levin plays drums. Meanwhile, Kidkanevil mans the DJ decks and Rod Buchanan-Dunlop handles keyboards, effects and live programming.
The sum total of these unconventional ingredients is a unique kind of musical chemistry. Fans of Portishead’s heartbroken beatscapes, Coldplay’s awestruck wonder and Radiohead’s brooding intensity will find plenty to enjoy on both these tracks. But Stateless also stake a strong claim on their very own musical no man’s land. Most of all, they sound like themselves.
Haunting, timeless and irresistible, ‘Exit’ is the sound of something great on the horizon. With a full album set for released on June 18th, this is music for doomed romantics and passionate optimists alike. Music for a Stateless state of mind.