Stereo MC's

Boy feat. Jamie Cullum

cat. number: K7289S1
barcode: 0730003728983
Format: CD, Download
Release Date World: Monday 22nd August 2011

We’ve really had to re-learn how to make music,” Rob admits. ”But when you actually start to see some progress, and hear yourself making some sounds that you’ve never made before, your enthusiasm really starts to generate again. And then you get a grip on it, and you start to see what you can do, enjoy the freedom that brings and get really excited by the music that you’re making”

Stereo MCs return on August 22 with a brand new single entitled Boy, ahead of the release of their new album Emperors Nightingale. The single, the band’s first for three years, features Jamie Cullum guesting on piano and also comes in a variety of remixes featuring Rack N Ruin, Warrior One and Cinematic.

The band’s new album Emperors Nightingale follows the week after. A marked change from the Stereo MCs sound of old, it’s still uniquely them, but progressed as Boy, an ideal taster for the entire album, displays. Since emerging from their south London studio and returning to the live arena earlier this year, the band have been updating their official site with a raft of new exclusive content such as mixtapes, short films and downloads.